The Ghost Gun Mug
The Ghost Gun Mug

The Ghost Gun Mug

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The printing press is the greatest weapon in the armoury of the modern commander.
– Colonel Thomas Edward Lawrence
You don’t have to be an engineering nerd to appreciate the importance of 3D printing. With a single machine anyone can now turn a few feet of PVC cord, a 15 cent cartridge and a nail into a fully operational weapon.
A 3D printed handgun isn’t the greatest piece of materiel by any standard. A single shot PVC pistol is a novelty at best, and a liability at worst. But as technology improves, who knows? We might only be a couple decades away from summoning a first rate arsenal with the stroke of a key.
This is true egalitarianism, so it’s only natural that the government would want to repress it. It’s not about public safety – it’s about public control. When the puppet media fails to convince us to forfeit for our rights for the greater good, and secret police have to be dispatched to our houses in the dead of night for the greater good, the government is going to have a devil of a time finding volunteers when every door in the country could conceal the barrel of a loaded gun.
(The government probably isn’t wild about the hoi polloi making their own things, either. Less people going to Walmart means less tax money for the senators’ shell companies.)
So here’s the point: Even if you’re unenthusiastic about the idea of a plastic 1911, hold on strong to your right to print “ghost guns.” Only your enemies are trying to disarm you.