The Milton Friedman Socks

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We love Dr. Milton Friedman’s ideas. Take his vehement rejection of the military draft, for example. When King Leonidas led his 300 free Spartans against a horde of slave soldiers, who do you think fought harder? The guys who had land and families to defend? Or the ones only advancing to avoid the whips flailing at their backs? Makes perfect sense to us, plus we don’t want to get drafted. If a recruiting officer took one look at our Herculean physique he wouldn’t be able to press an M4 carbine into our hands fast enough.
Dr. Friedman had the right take on combatting inflation as well. Increasing the money supply at the same rate that the GNP increases just seems like common sense. Really, we’re in favor of any measures that mean we won’t need a wheelbarrow for all the cash we’d need to buy a carton of eggs. We do like the idea that we’re all trillionaires in Zimbabwe, though.
Some of Dr. Friedman’s ideas hold less water with us. We get what he was going for by arguing for the abolishment of the licensing of doctors, but we’ve never had a problem finding unlicensed doctors. Our primary care physician Dr. Vinnie Rizzo has kept us alive and well for years, plus he throws in a free oil change whenever we go in for a physical. Also, we’re all for a sweeping free market, but with one little stipulation: Libertas Bella should monopolize all T-shirt production, because that way we’d get so rich we could finally afford to buy the Saint-Malo Islands like we’ve always dreamed of.
We are a great company. Even though we disagree with the Nobel Prize winner on some things, we still believe that Dr. Friedman’s genius is worth a whole lot recognition. (This item almost said “Born Free,” but we couldn’t afford the rights to use Andy Williams’ likeness.)