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The Z Man is a polarizing figure. If you take the left’s word for it, The Z Man is some kind of eldritch demon who materialized in our plane of existence for the sole purpose of spreading hate. And it’s easy to see why, as anyone who refuses to lie in defense of the mainstream media’s narrative can only be a paragon of sinister intent.
But here’s what really grinds the pink-haired puritans’ gears: The Z Man doesn’t need them. He can’t be bullied into submission, and he certainly can’t be canceled. He’ll continue to commit the unspeakable sin of speaking his mind for however long doing so continues to amuse him.
You see, The Z Man has a secret weapon – you. So long as others love the truth just as much as he does, The Z Man has all the support he needs. But he does need to buy essential blogging and podcasting supplies – and, quite often, beer – which is why he invites you to order his official merchandise. You may alternatively stuff a paper bag filled with cash into a hollow tree, but you certainly won’t get something quite so nice as a T-shirt in return for that kind of patronage.