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Every generation had its own vision for the future. During Victorian times futurists imagined everyone would have winged shoes, incandescent mustaches and horses that ran on radium. Forward-thinkers of the 1950s supposed that families would one day gather around moon turkey dinners prepared by their sassy robot maids. The prognosticators of the 1970s envisioned a world of peace, love and understanding because they were all tripping balls on Quaaludes.
But they all had it wrong. In the future everyone will eat bugs, live in cubes, receive lots of vaccinations and elective surgeries, and achieve happiness through the power of not owning anything. And Quaaludes are coming back any day now.
Or maybe your politics fall somewhere to the right of Mao Zedong’s, in which case you likely share a different vision for the future. You dream of a world where every aesthetic could double as the box graphics for a blank VHS tape. You want neon pink and blue skies and red line horizons, and music that sounds like Kmart Radio Network if it was adapted for the Sega Genesis sound chip.
In fewer words, you like Futurewave. And you also like ZeroHedge, because you appreciate news that isn’t crudely slapped together by propagandists who hate you. That’s why you need – and we can’t place enough emphasis on need – Futurewave Zero Hedge stuff. The future is now, friends and lovers!