Working Man's Hedge Fund


Not all of us have millions of dollars to squirrel away in an offshore bank account. The working man puts his money in ammo, and his bank is an ammo can. Why? Because you can't use a hedge fund to shoot stuff. If you prefer 5.56 over a 401(k), then brag about your investing prowess with our Working Man's Hedge Fund line!

The Working Man's Hedge Fund Collection

There are many types of investments you could make, though nearly all of them come with shortcomings. Stocks can make millionaires, but all the money you soak into them could disappear the second a CPA spills coffee on his keyboard, a CEO gets caught getting too frisky with a receptionist, or an EMP bricks every computer in a thousand mile radius.

Gold and silver are generally more stable, and opening up a safe full of glimmering bullion makes you appreciate why pirates put up with mutinies and giant squid attacks. But when S really HTF, do you think people are going to be clamoring for precious metals? Or are they going to make a zombie apocalypse look like a day at grandma’s house?

The best investment you can make is one that will appreciate in value in direct relation to how horrible the future turns out to be. You’ll never trade shares of an extinct company for a tin of Vienna sausages. You’re not going to discourage a band of raiders by showing off your shiny baubles, either. Ammunition, on the other hand, will prove itself of inestimable value in either type of exchange.

Are you the type of investor who’d take an FMJ over an IRA any day? Do you pass on bonds in favor of bonded jackets? Would you rather keep your money safe with the help of Lake City instead of Citigroup? Then you get it, man – you believe in the true working man’s hedge fund, just like us!

The Libertas Bella Working Man’s Hedge Fund collection celebrates the smart cookies who keep their life savings in M2A1 ammo cans. Wear these fine T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies with pride, because you know that lead, copper and dinitrodihydroxydi azobenzene salts are the only materials with truly lasting value.