2nd Amendment Long Sleeves


The long sleeve shirts found here are really the only choice for gun nuts and libertarians. Well, that's not true because we don't sell long sleeves in communist China so you do have options for the long sleeves that you can buy - but you get the picture.

2nd Amendment Long Sleeves

Do you want to know our favorite argument against the Second Amendment? It’s the one that goes “You wouldn't be able to stand up to the U.S. government in a real civil war anyway, so why even fight?” It’s our favorite because it’s ridiculous.

For starters a civil war wouldn’t look like the Anglo-Zulu War, with endless waves of AR-15 toting freedom fighters hurling themselves at the Army’s waiting M240 machine guns. It would be more of a guerilla operation – you know, like the one we owe this country’s very existence to.

Second, this assumption that the Armed Forces wouldn’t become largely deserted within hours of a popular uprising firing up: preposterous. Heck, we’re sure the Pentagon has already done exact math on how many soldiers would skedaddle, and that their numbers are staggering.

Third, it’s baffling how the anti-Second Amendment crowd assumes the government’s weapons of mass destruction would somehow give them an upper hand during an insurrection. Glassing large portions of their own country would only hurt them in the end. Not only do they lose their taxpayers’ productivity, but the media would go absolutely bonkers.

The Second Amendment serves foremost as a road block to tyranny. If the secret police know that the barrel of a gun might be pointing at them from behind any front door, they’ll be far more reluctant to haul dissidents away in the middle of the night. If a rising dictator knows any street corner or tree could be obscuring his assassin, his aspirations are considerably quashed.

But even if a psychotic despot manages to take hold of the country, and we all have to go to the mattresses over it, we’re pretty sure we’ll find plenty of uses for all that 223 we’ve been sitting on.

Where are we going with all this? We’re saying you should order a 2nd Amendment long sleeve T-shirt.