AR-15 Builders Club


Think you need a degree in mechanical engineering to call yourself a gunsmith? Ha ha! How wrong you are! All you need are a handful of AR-15 parts and the few minutes it takes to assemble them. The AR-15 Builders Club collection pays homage to America’s favorite rifle and the smart, attractive people who love it – you know, people like you.

The AR-15 is the quintessential American rifle. Just look at its inventor, Eugene Stoner – a WWII veteran with nothing more than a high school education, whose hard work and dedication to his craft ultimately landed him the position of chief engineer for ArmaLite.

Stoner’s rifle would visit every continent a million times over as the Armed Forces’ M16 and M4, and the civilian’s AR-15 is now roughly as ubiquitous in the United States as air molecules. Do you know how people who know nothing about handguns call them all “Glocks?” Well, the fact that those same people call all rifles “AR-15s” is just a testament to its success. Once something’s name refers to an entire class of things, it’s the de facto king of those things.

But the most American thing about the AR-15? That’s gotta be the power it puts in the hands of the average Joe. And we’re not talking about firepower. We’re talking about the freedom to build and customize whatever kind of rifle you please. Want a compact SBR to keep under your bed in case someone decides the lock on your front door is just a suggestion? The AR-15 provides. Want a sniper rifle that’ll let you put a cloverleaf through a 500 yard target as easily as snapping your fingers? The AR-15 is still your rifle. Want a ridiculous contraption with 18 laser sights and a literal chainsaw for a bayonet? Hey – that’s cool in our book, and thanks to the AR-15’s simple and modifiable design you can build it yourself.

We don’t sell buffer tubes and barrels on Libertas Bella, but we sure as heck want to celebrate the AR-15 and its builders. Our AR-15 Builders Club collection features a cool all-over print featuring the tools and bits and bobs you need to piece together your favorite rifle. And best of all, anti-gunners who don’t know a lower receiver from a hole in the ground aren’t going to give you sidelong looks for sporting these sharp accessories!