AR-15 Builder's Club AOP Mug
AR-15 Builder's Club AOP Mug

AR-15 Builder's Club AOP Mug

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Hey, guys! Want to join the club? Then here’s whatcha gotta do. Get a stripped lower, fill it with parts, pop in the trigger – but wait! You’re gonna need a sweet little buffer kit for all the kick this thing will create.

Take a short break. Go for a walk. Then go back home to attach the stock. The pistol grip is next, but we gotta warn ya – that thing is gonna suck if you live in California. 

But don’t feel down. Go and get an upper. Tell your mom you’re gonna be a little late for supper. She’ll probably get upset – maybe slap you on the wrist – but you need that time to pop in your forward assist. Don’t know what it does, but that’s okay. You never know if you are gonna need it one day.

Dust isn’t cool, but dust covers are. You never want a nasty dirty dusty AR. Pull out your phone. Call your best friend Darryl. Tell Darryl that you just installed a 1:8 twist barrel. 

But what about the rails? That’s why you need a handguard. Aiming without sights is inconvenient and hard! But you know what’s a gas? The gas tube and gas block. Push those two parts in there and get ready to rock.

The bolt carrier group is has the firing pin. Forgetting that piece is an unforgivable sin. You need a charging handle if you want to load a shot. Think you’re cool without one? Uh-uh – you’re not.

Get a muzzle device so the thing will sound nice – or loud – that’s all up to you. Now set it all down and admire the sheen. That’s how you build an AR-15!