These days, new style trends are hard to keep up with and seldom worth pursuing. If there were, however, a trend that pressured the masses into doing their utmost to match their walls at home we could certainly oblige! All you have to do is find your favorite design below in our high-quality canvas and then purchase it alongside one of our equally high-quality articles of clothing. Simple as that!


Ah yes, canvas. The chosen plain-woven fabric for making tents and sails and complimentary book bags – “our gift to you if you call NPR with your donation within the next 15 minutes.”

Canvas hasn’t always been the artist’s medium of choice. Very early on canvas was reserved for cheaper, less important paintings, whereas a Renaissance master would choose panels to jot down the Middle Ages’ most important Kodak moments.

Nowadays you can’t even call yourself civilized if your home’s art isn’t exclusively on canvas. Suppose you’ve invited your friends back to your place after a rousing game of cricket to cool off around an ice cold pitcher of lemon squash. Suddenly old Eggsy’s eyes drift over to the Stone Cold Steve Austin poster that you’ve kept on your wall since you were in sixth grade. He nudges the chappie sitting next to him and he sees it too, and gradually the room grows stiff and quiet. One week later you find out the boys have gone to play polo without you.

A tragic set of circs that all could have been avoided had you only decorated your home with Libertas Bella’s tasteful, timeless selection of canvas art. We have chosen some of our most popular designs to adorn our canvasses, including that one old chestnut about 1984 not being an instruction manual.

Please stay tuned to our canvas page for future additions to the Libertas Bella line of art. We’re thinking about mostly sticking to our libertarian motif, but who knows? Maybe one day all those instructional programs we’ve watched on PBS will start to pay off and we can put our original pieces of art up for sale. At the very least you could order one and turn it into a handy shopping bag.