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“I'm gonna sing the doom song now.”
– Gir
Every so often some archaeologist uncovers something interesting while desecrating an ancient cemetery or natural disaster site: two skeletons locked in a perpetual embrace. Rather than spooking us twice as much as usual, these skeletons remind us that solace is always to be found in the arms of another living person. Or dead person, as is more accurately the case with such macabre discoveries.
What would the world be like if everybody loved somebody so much that they never wanted to part? To quote John Cale: “It would be a stronger world, a stronger loving world, to die in.”
But these skellies aren’t just embracing one another. They’re embracing the thought of doom itself. When presented with impending oblivion – a type of oblivion that’s becoming more and more omnipresent these days – they responded with a singular gesture of defiance. “You may take my flesh, and you may take my breath,” says the former owner of hugging bones, “but what I hold dear can never be stolen.”
To embrace doom is not fatalistic. Acknowledging that everything in this world is absolutely and irrevocably ****ed up beyond repair is at once mature and healthy. So is ordering this fine Embrace the Doom merchandise by The Burning Platform, for that matter. Display it in public and you may just inspire a stranger to meet doom head-on, admit defeat to it, and then proceed to thumb their nose at the inevitable regardless. Plus, skeletons are totally metal.