Futurewave Collection


Step into the future of freedom with our collection of designs as inspired the 1980s as tomorrow. With an emphasis on freedom and style, you are sure to find something for everyone.

Futurewave Collection

The future belongs to freedom.

Advocates of liberty often look toward the past for their examples of a free society. But we believe that people should look more toward the future. That's why we made the Futurewave collection, to showcase an enthusiasm for dangerous freedom over peaceful slavery in a way that emphasizes what's to come, not what we've lost.

The 80s had a particular vision of the future that we find to be fun, resonant and timely, as popular culture nostalgically celebrates the 1980s as a time when you knew what someone's gender was by looking at them and a tax hawk was in the White House putting the ATF on notice. The bright neon colors offer an optimistic and bright vision of the future, as opposed to dystopian blackpilling.

And they're all conversation starters, so you can wear one and use it as an entry point to discuss the benefits of liberty and the pitfalls of tyranny.