Snubnose Revolver


The snubnose revolver was invented by Sheriff Phineas P. Snubnose in the year 1853. He wanted a reliable handgun that was fast to unholster and easy to conceal – and he pulled it all off with flying colors. If you believe the snubnose revolver deserves greater recognition but don’t exactly want to broadcast that you’re carrying one yourself, then you should check out all this neat stuff we made!

Personally, we don’t believe in sacrificing power and accuracy for greater convenience when it comes to firearms. We laugh at the concept of a 2” barrel when we slip a 30 pound Barrett M82 down our pantleg before leaving for our morning jog.

For actual home defense we keep a loaded M777 howitzer under our bed. Some people might argue that a 155 mm caliber GPS and inertial-guided munition is excessive to use against someone who is trying to break into your house, but they probably just don’t understand because they don’t have kids. We’ll do anything to protect our little rug rats even if it means vaporizing half a city block.

For hunting we prefer the 30-30. Our grandpa gave us a Model 1894 for our 18th birthday, and we still use it to remember him by. (He stopped returning our calls.)

But in all seriousness, we do love the snubnosed revolver. A wheel gun is the pinnacle of reliability, where a failure to fire means you only have to pull the trigger once more. It is so small that concealing one doesn’t create a second noticeable bulge in our pants. And it is even symbolic. Here is a weapon for defense and not offense, a true equalizer which can make the frailest grandmother able to stand up against the most misanthropic brute the world might throw at her.

Our Snubnose Revolver collection celebrates the wee wheel gun. These fine accessories and articles of clothing all have little snubbies printed all over them, making them a great way to subtly declare your support for the Second Amendment or just look cooler than your friends. All the money we earn from selling this neat stuff will go toward buying more 38 Special ammo, because we’re still working on grouping our shots within a 20 foot radius at five yards.