The Snubnose Revolver Tote Bag
The Snubnose Revolver Tote Bag

The Snubnose Revolver Tote Bag

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Throughout history, man has had to weigh the pros and cons of every weapon at his disposal. Right after the first caveman invented bashing his enemy’s skull in with a rock (a classic), he went right to work figuring out the best kind of rock for the job. 
With the technological breakthrough that was the pointy rock, options grew even more varied. Do you hold the pointy rock in your hand? Do you tie it to the end of a stick? Do you throw it at your enemy for an even greater range of attack, yet risk delivering a pointy rock to him in the process? 
Options are greater still in the age of firearms. The most effective weapon, however, is not necessarily the one you want to carry around with you wherever you go. You’ll raise eyebrows if you walk into your favorite restaurant with a Daniel Defense DDM4V11 hanging from your shoulder. 
That’s why the snubnose revolver is so popular. Its short barrel may not give a bullet as much of a push as a longer one would, but it’s easy to conceal, reliable as all get out, and indisputably effective at making a bad guy go away. Beats the heck out of a pointy rock, at least!
Whether you carry a Charter Undercover, Taurus 85, Ruger LCR, S&W 642, or some other snubby, you want to pay tribute to the little chunk of metal that could one day save your life. And being the sophisticated trendsetter that you are, you went and found our snubnose T-shirt. This comfortable garment will show the world you know it’s not the size that counts!