The Activist Post


Wear Activist Post merchandise out in public and you’ll run into three kinds of people: kindred spirits who give you a knowing look; comic book nerds who wonder where you got bootleg Avengers merchandise; and people who don’t care about you either way. (Mostly the third kind.)

Activist /ˈaktivəst/ (noun): a person who uses or supports strong actions (such as public protests) in support of or opposition to one side of a controversial issue

Something interesting has happened to the activist over the past few decades. Whereas the activist may have once pushed for any kind of political or societal change they saw fit, today’s activists strive solely for a very certain kind of change: safe change. 

Safe change is that which you’re not vilified, threatened or canceled for demanding. It is beloved and endorsed by every major corporation. The talking heads fawn over it. Blue checkmarks signal it. Espouse safe change and you’ll be praised by your school teacher; call for it and politicians may publicly thank you for taking so valiant a stance.

But what about the activists who dare to deviate from safe change? Why, they’re no activists at all. They are agitators, propagandists, kooks and thought criminals. Perhaps they were corrupted by foreign influence (from one of the bad countries, of course). Maybe their mothers just didn’t love them enough.

Or so they would have you believe. Because in reality, the real activists are the ones who dare to deviate from the prescribed narrative. They peel back the plaster to find rats in the walls. They hate what they see and keep looking.

You’ve found the rats and can no longer pretend they aren’t there. You understand that the truth isn’t pretty or handed out like marshmallow candies on Halloween night. You would fight tooth and claw to preserve it, however many maddened lobotomites might try to cover it up and blacken your name. You will become so revolted by the actual state of affairs that you will have no other choice than to do what is actually right – not as you are told.