The Anti-Media


The Anti-Media is long dead and gone, but the memory of a free press still lives on. Show your support for true journalism – and your disdain for the government’s filthy little media lapdogs – by reminding the world of the form it once took.

The Anti-Media Collection

The Anti-Media has bought the farm: another casualty of deplatforming. Their founders had the gall to push back against the ever-encroaching political system, and the ever-encroaching political system responded in kind.

Shed a tear for investigative journalism. It might still reveal interesting things about lead in school lunches or Brad Pitt’s second vacation home, but it will no longer be reliably broadcast on channels controlled by the elites (i.e. all channels).

Why are we singing a dirge for The Anti-Media? It’s not just because the world is a poorer place without their reporting on the drug war, Big Pharma, police brutality, the prison-industrial complex, and the whole broken system at large. It’s also because Libertas Bellas’ own values and worldview so closely mirror their own. We despise the state’s thinly veiled control over mainstream narratives, the government corruption which runs so rampant that it precludes political outsiders from ever knowing just what the hell’s going on – let alone run for office – and the constant, constant appeals to forfeit liberty and prosperity in exchange for protection against nonexistent threats. 

No wonder The Anti-Media got killed. They dared to shine light on the actual threats to our country, and those threats did what they do best. We now live in a world where the CEO of NPR can openly declare that public funding will not be dedicated to journalism that could make the dominant political party look bad.

We’re following in The Anti-Media’s footsteps. Not quite as brazenly, mind you. We’re sure our libertarian, conservative, pro-2A and crypto merch isn’t exactly the elites’ favorite, but hopefully they have bigger fish to fry than burning our humble little site to the ground. But we’re still taking a risk – and so too will you, if you’re bold enough to declare your support for a free press in public.