Women's T-Shirts


T-shirts are a superior article of clothing. Think about it, you can wear them anywhere and on any occasion. Put one on while you're wearing a skirt and, bam! Now you're fancy. Throw on a T-shirt and some jeans and, boom! Now you're casual (and killing it). So, stocking up on T-shirts is a no-brainer.

Women's Tees

The T-shirt is the most elemental piece of American fashion. It doesn’t matter if you are mowing the lawn, going to the store, getting ready for a hot date at the duck pond, or conducting a symphony orchestra – you are going to wear a T-shirt.

There are several tiers of T-shirt. At the bottom of the ladder are the scuzz T-shirts – the ones you wouldn’t mind painting a house in. Maybe these began their lives as better T-shirts only to gradually get demoted. Maybe they are those unusually starchy T-shirts that you get from companies trying to promote their products. We personally own a Minnesota State Lottery T-shirt that has been with us through 12 camping trips, two moving days, and one time we helped our brother-in-law replace his bathtub.

One level up you have your everyday walking around T-shirts. This is the level at which you may start wearing a Libertas Bella T-shirt. We know we’re libertarian and all, but if we catch you changing your oil while wearing a freshly unpackaged Libertas Bella T-shirt, we’ll be simply crestfallen.

At the top level you have your formal events: baptisms, weddings, business seminars, court dates, and funerals. For such special occasions you can only wear a Libertas Bella T-shirt. Wear some lesser brand’s T-shirt and people are bound to pass judgement.

A Libertas Bella women’s T-shirt is a high quality garment. It is made of extra light fabric for superior breathability: half polyester, one quarter combed ring-spun cotton (ring-spun, no less, and one quarter rayon. The label is sewn-in so you won’t suffer jagged label edges poking into your skin and annoying you. And this is to say nothing about our spectacular designs, each one at once a political statement and a work of art.

If your special guy or gal doesn’t buy you a Libertas Bella women’s T-shirt, it’s because they don’t love you.