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You’ve had your fill of puff pieces, corporate hogwash and thinly veiled political propaganda. You no longer turn on the television expecting anything more valuable than white noise, and your local paper isn’t fit to line the bottom of a canary cage. 

You want the real news – which is why you count on the Activist Post.

Offering the facts is perilous in today’s political climate. You probably wouldn’t be surprised by how many people call for our editors’ heads to be skewered on pikes for the simple trespass of contradicting the mainstream narrative. Very few companies dare to sponsor a site which won’t bow down to public pressure, and deplatforming is a constant threat when big tech has become little more than the corporate wing of big government.

Yet we press onward. So long as people like you won’t settle for comforting half-truths, our work will never be finished. Earnest reporting on the topics that actually matter! Could there be a loftier goal?

You’re helping us in two great ways when you order something bearing our logo. First, you’re helping to get the word out. There’s only so much we can do to draw attention to the Activist Post, but with your assistance we’ll reach and inform a far wider audience. Second, you’re lending your inestimably valuable financial support to our cause. We’ll put 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this fine item toward our operating costs, as well as groceries and other things that we like.