Ayn Rand Art Deco Sticker

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Some people deride the Art Deco school of design as a symbol of decadence. “Look at that symbol of decadence,” they will say while pointing to the Chrysler Building. “Once pinko rats like us are finally pulling the strings, we’ll finally have the architecture we really deserve: featureless boxes made out of plywood, or mud huts once we’ve run out of money, which will be almost immediately.”
It’s easy to appreciate why profligates cower when confronted by Art Deco architecture. It symbolizes man’s ascent to the heavens – a testament to what inspired individuals can achieve once they set aside petty bureaucracy and faux altruism in favor of real, actual progress. Enlightened people also demand statues of buff dudes assembling machinery or holding up planets, not whatever bunk passes for sculpture nowadays
It’s also easy to appreciate why Ayn Rand is so closely associated with Art Deco. Having witnessed firsthand what kind of hellscape freeloaders and parasites erect when left to their own devices, she embraced a school of style which epitomizes man’s mastery over self, nature and destiny. Nothing exemplifies the will to create better than a gleaming Art Deco monument to humanity’s greatness.
Our Ayn Rand Art Deco merchandise pays homage to the Queen Bee of Libertarianism by depicting her in front of a dreamscape. There’s even Atlas in the bottom left corner, no doubt suffering from several herniated discs by this point but still holding the world aloft all the same.