Fort Moultrie AOP Mug
Fort Moultrie AOP Mug

Fort Moultrie AOP Mug

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June 28th, 1776. The British made their first attempt at capturing a city from the American rebel forces, and the dopes couldn’t have picked a worse city to start with. They went after Charleston, which was then (and still is) full of South Carolinians – a type of American which is paralleled in fighting spirit only by North Carolinians, and maybe three or four Vermonters if they have consumed enough peppermint schnapps.

The Brits emptied their warships’ cannons on Fort Sullivan while the 2nd South Carolina Regiment took their time to methodically return fire. One lucky shot even blew the seat off Admiral Sir Peter Parker’s trousers. Once the fort’s palmetto log construction proved to supple to be caved in by cannon balls, the redcoats tried wading in. The deep water and vicious militiamen repelled their advance so handily that the Brits decided to call it a day. They would not return to South Carolina until four years later.

The flag that Colonel William Moultrie had commissioned for this auspicious battle had at one point been shot down, but the courageous Sergeant William Jasper risked life and limb to rehoist the midnight blue standard which would become the first American flag of the South.

If you drink sweet tea, love freedom and liberty, and want a symbol that will differentiate you from all those snooty Yankees, then the Moultrie Flag is all yours to display in any way, shape or form. Redcoats couldn’t tear it down. Pink hairs won’t be able to either.