Friedrich Nietzsche: Übermensch Hoodie

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Loneliness. Depression. Anxiety. The 21st century offers myriad distractions from these and other forms of malaise. Some try to make their reality less bleak by smoking weed, even though that acclimation only winds up benefitting the snack industry. Others dull the pain with booze – sweet red wine and brown liquors which inevitably take more happiness than they give. A few even turn to the church. So long as they can overlook the scientific and technological advancements that render Him increasingly irrelevant with each passing day, they may still take solace in God.
But of all the distractions, none is more insidious, more vile, more corrosive to the soul than social media. On it people aspire to become their own gods. Their “likes” are lightless votives, and they can never make true followers out of equally aspiring gods.
So what should you do? Just live with the pain of existence? Yes. Let it kindle the blast furnace that is your soul. Take every evil impulse, every fear of the end of the world, every urge you have to knock strangers’ hats off their heads, and let them compel you to become something greater. 
Embrace your will to power. Arm yourself to impose your own values on this rudderless world. And make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram while you’re at it.