Never Underestimate Stupid People Bottle

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“Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.”
What did George Carlin mean by this? Well, take Libertas Bella for example. We frequently have to remind our staff not to eat the dirt out of the potted plants in the company breakroom. But while our team may lack intelligence (not to mention other qualities such as experience, motivation, adaptability, loyalty, confidence, passion, reliability and critical thinking), we more than make up for it through the power of sheer numbers.
That’s right – we have thousands upon thousands of dim bulbs on staff designing merchandise every single day. Is most of it good? Not nearly. It took Dave seven years before he understood that T-shirts are supposed to have two sleeves. But thanks to endless trial and error and our employees’ willingness to accept feed corn as payment, we occasionally come up with a real banger.
Here is one of those real bangers. Why, its message is so poignant that you could even argue it makes a political statement! And it’s a great political statement because it aligns with everyone’s opinion on people they disagree with: They’re stupid, and there are too many of them.
At this point we have to confess that we didn’t come up with the idea for this merchandise. That’s The Burning Platform’s doing, and by ordering this fine insulated bottle you’ll support the independent news organization’s valiant efforts to report actual news.