Peace + Love + Liberty = Happiness Mug
Peace + Love + Liberty = Happiness Mug

Peace + Love + Liberty = Happiness Mug

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Peace, love, and liberty, baby. Why is it so hard to convince people that these are the three keys to happiness?

Peace should be a no-brainer. We mean, sure, any government worth its salt has to occasionally hurl a few Hellfire missiles into an Afghan hospital or turn an entire metropolitan area into radioactive glass. But aside from such necessary functions of state, you’ll find yourself in far more pleasant circumstances when no one is actively trying to butcher you.

Love needs a harder sell these days, especially when everyone in America is convinced that half of their country wants to kill them. But that’s just not the case. If we could just put down the pitchforks for five seconds, we’re sure we would all agree that we share a common enemy. We are speaking of course about [REDACTED AND REPORTED TO THE NSA].

And finally, there’s liberty. That’s where you do whatever you please and call no man your master. Too many people are asking for sizeable chunks of our liberty these days, which they argue we shouldn’t have because we might hurt ourselves with them. And that begs the question: Who are those people actually trying to protect?

Combine all three and you’ve got happiness. Simple as. This neat design will let you plant that formula in other people’s heads and hopefully make the world a better place. We know we’re happy whenever someone orders one of these things!