The Burning Sticker

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On July 6th, 1988, the Piper Alpha oil platform exploded. The initial fireball, which rose nearly 300 feet above the icy waters of the North Sea, was visible from over 60 miles away. One hundred sixty men perished that day.

Three of the oil platform workers shut themselves inside a room as the fire roared. Their choice at this point was simple: to remain on the platform and hope help would arrive in time or risk the fantastically far jump into the sea. Death was probable either way.

Though horribly injured, the two men who decided to make the leap survived and were rescued. For the man who stayed behind, hope wasn’t enough. He was roasted to cinders over 100 miles away from dry land.

Today the phrase “burning platform” describes a conundrum. When confronted by annihilation, do you stay put and cross your fingers hoping someone will come to save you? Or do you take a radical measure – one which is certain to hurt a great deal, but could ultimately put you in a better position?

As fires rage across the world today, The Burning Platform exists to inform those who would take rash measures to protect themselves rather than wait for help. And in your case, it really is better to jump. Those who are supposed to help are the ones who are setting the fires.