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You have your choice of two types of news these days.

The first type of news is designed to be played at airport bars – saccharine, non-regional dialects blaring out from behind neatly aligned rows of single malt scotch which sell for $34 a pour. Elaborately coiffed stuffed suits (and pantsuits) rattling off whatever state-approved drivel scrolls down their electronic screens. This is commercial news, brought to you by mid-size sedans, supplemental life insurance, and pills that might fix the holes that salt and corn syrup have poked into your heart. Stay tuned for The Price Is Right. 

The second type of news is available solely on the internet (for now). You have to seek out news sources like these on your own. They keep the lights on by accepting donations and partnering with a few small sponsors who’ve zero input on the information they present. They seek only to spread the truth, which is why any politician would sooner be photographed receiving a deep tissue massage from a shaved chimp than acknowledge their existence. 

The choice boils down to sweet, comforting lies or cold, hard facts, and it’s only yours to make. But let us tell you one thing: If you favor a news source based solely on how cool its logo looks, then you need only consult The Burning Platform.