The Classic Come and Take It Mug
The Classic Come and Take It Mug

The Classic Come and Take It Mug

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“Come and Take It.” This is the challenge the settlers of Gonzales, Texas put on the flag they fought under when the Mexican government came to remove their cannon. The Mexican government was not up to the challenge.
Texans, clever people though they are, did not invent this challenge. King Leonidas uttered it to Xerxes when the despot demanded that Sparta lay down her arms. The Persian Empire would never engulf Greece.
Why has “Come and Take It” remained so effective a challenge over the millennia? Because it states to the tyrants in crystal clear terms that they have all their work ahead of them if they want to rule you. You will not forfeit your means of defending yourself. You will use it to defend yourself, for as long as you’re capable of standing, so the tyrant’s lackeys had better come ready to forfeit everything in the name of … well, inventing an appealing enough cause to die over is the tyrant’s job, not ours.
We’ve taken the classic freeman’s dictum and made it easier to declare than ever before. Bear this message in public to remind the sniveling gun grabbers and their flunkies that infringing your Second Amendment rights isn’t as easy as writing laws. All they can do is declare a war they won’t be able to win.