The Great Equalizer Phone Case

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Imagine for a moment that you are a violent psychopath, instead of the paragon of virtue that you are in real life. You want to do some violent psychopath stuff, but you’re already comfortable with the current number of holes present in your body. Where do you go? Why, a gun-free zone of course!
Violent psychopaths are free to do whatever they please in a gun-free zone, especially to people who are smaller and weaker than them. God willing, one day the utopian gun-free zone will extend all across this great country, making it at last the true land of the free.
But maybe you don’t believe this. Maybe you believe the gun is some sort of miraculous invention that negates the natural law of “might makes right.” Maybe your views run so extreme that you think my 73-year-old, 4’10” mother should have a means of protecting herself. If that’s the case, then you truly are the lowest kind of scum.
But we cater to all here at Libertas Bella, which is why we offer you The Equalizer Hoodie featuring a 1911 pistol. Its famous poem first appeared in The Backslider, a short story written by Lucian Carey in the early 1930s. It encapsulates the idea that you’re responsible for your own safety – a dangerous notion indeed.