The Truth is Treason Long Sleeve (1)
The Truth is Treason Long Sleeve (1)

The Truth is Treason Long Sleeve (1)

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Speaking the truth in times of universal deceit is a revolutionary act. Truth is treason in an empire of lies. – Ron Paul

The powers that be have set their attention to controlling the narrative with the same enthusiasm that a hound saves for his bones. The journalists submit their stories to political aids for review before they publish them. The scientists depend on government grants to stay fed – producing findings that undermine the party line would mean career suicide. The Hollywood actors, who make a living pretending to be fictional characters, earnestly advocate for whatever the party needs people to think.


And then there is you. You have no political or professional obligation to say or do anything the party wants. That means you’re free to tell … the truth.

And in doing so you make yourself into public enemy number one. You’re undoing the countless hours and billions of dollars the powers that be have invested into legitimizing their own convenient lies. You are a traitor – and, worse yet – by running your big, fat mouth, you’re creating other traitors wherever you visit.

Conspiracist. Troll. Shill. Nutjob. There are a thousand labels for traitors these days, but these are only the start of it. When dehumanizing the traitors becomes ineffective, the powers that be will turn to far nastier methods of ex-communication. Be prepared for the real onslaught. True authoritarianism cannot tolerate the truth.