The Working Man's Hedge Fund Mug

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We don’t mean to brag, but we’ve set up a rather sizeable hedge fund for ourselves here at Libertas Bella. So far we’ve got about $600 set aside, which is about half of what we’ll need to plant a nice row of dwarf yaupon holly around the front yard. 
It’s okay if you’re not as financially solvent as we are, because the working man has an even better investment strategy in the form of lead and brass. Ammunition maintains its value, and it only becomes more valuable when the price of copper goes up or the world gets its undies in a bunch about something trivial, like a viral pandemic. 
And do you know about those things called bonds, stocks, and trusts? We don’t. We thought a 401k was a footrace until about 15 minutes ago. But whatever those things are, after the bombs drop and everyone starts welding steel spikes to the fronts of their vehicles, we’re pretty sure no one’s going to give a fig about the numbers on a stock ticker. They’re going to want different kinds of numbers such as 9, 223, 308, and 357, and they’re going to trade their irradiated canned goods to you in exchange for them.

If you’re the kind of person who has a significant investment stored in mil-spec cans, you’ve got to dress the part. This snappy sweatshirt will let the people you meet recognize that you’re a clever guy who deserves to be bought drinks at bars.