Year Zero Full Design Sticker

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The mainstream media nowadays spews content which isn’t even worth comparing to some worthless, offensive substance. We often think it would save everyone a whole lot of trouble if the MSM and the government simply told us what we must believe in order to avoid becoming branded heretics.
And then you have the Year Zero podcast, hosted by the inestimable Tommy Salmons. This bearded and vociferous libertarian politico has no obligation to parrot any talking points (i.e. lies), so even when he’s a thousand miles off-course you can still count on getting a greater glimpse of the truth than you ever could have had you plugged into the idiot tube.
Tommy dares to talk about how liberals destroy culture, why government surveillance eradicates freedom, the extent to which vaccine mandates will destroy America, and the slave state which awaits us all once total control is handed over to mankind’s evilest elements. He even refers to biological women as “women” – a true radical, in every sense of the word.
If you enjoy tuning into Tommy’s Year Zero podcast on the reg, why not support his efforts by wearing his handsome face on your chest? This official piece of Year Zero merchandise features Salmons in all his glory, with a friendly dog panting behind him. If someone asks you the meaning of it all, you can say they’re the beloved cartoon characters Shiggy and his faithful dog Bitey-Doo.
Ryan Bunting -