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Everybody knows and loves the ZeroHedge logo. It is a symbol of honest reporting, which is a precious commodity in a country where you’re treated like a scoundrel for refusing to accept thinly veiled propaganda as news.
But why did ZeroHedge select the Greek theta as their logo? Why not a zeta instead? Or why not a letter from some other archaic alphabet such as ᛉ, ð, 𒁺 or 𓀂? Because the theta conveniently includes both parts of ZeroHedge’s name: an H in the center, with a big goose egg encapsulating it.
It’s convenient for everyone that ZeroHedge chose so brilliant a logo. They get free advertising every time someone reads The Odyssey in the original Greek, which happens at least three times a year. We get to save hundreds of thousands of dollars on T-shirt ink by offering this fine official merchandise. And if you wear said fine official merchandise in public, and you are confronted by someone who is upset by your refusal to accept thinly veiled propaganda as news, then you can simply explain that you once joined a economically disadvantaged fraternity which could only afford one-third of a standard name.
When you order this fine official merchandise, your money will go directly to two worthy causes: ZeroHedge’s and our own. ZeroHedge will use it to pay their journalists to dig even deeper toward the truth. We’ll use it to buy light-up sneakers so we can run faster.