Anti Government


"Balance of power" doesn't mean the bureaucrats on either side of the aisle get to take turns using our tax dollars to enact their prescribed versions of "good policy.” It means a government that is fully accountable to the people therein – a novel idea, we know.

Remember back when it was cool to be anti-government? Back in the ‘60s we burned our bras and draft cards, dropped enough acid to dissolve an entire African elephant, and did indecent things in the dean’s office after we occupied it. We held up a proud middle finger to the government with one hand and crushed up brick weed in the other, and life was far out.

But now you’re not part of the “resistance” unless you swallow everything you see in between the ads for family sedans and life insurance on the teevee, man. They’ve managed to condition folks into believing being anti-government is some kind of crime against decency.

And that’s the scariest thing. We have all these people who’ve been duped into thinking that the same organization which roasted children to death in Vietnam and Waco, lined up Native Americans before shooting them down like empty bottles, and put Japanese-American citizens in literal internment camps less than a hundred years ago is suddenly all about peace and love and kindness because they want to dole out more welfare checks and light up the White House in rainbow colors once a year.

Being anti-government doesn’t mean repeating whatever the talking heads spew out on MSNBC. It means you, like, hate it when an enormous and unaccountable authority violates your rights. The pigs on either side of the aisle grin like jack-o'-lanterns whenever you forfeit even a little bit of your personal freedom in exchange for security that they’re in no way obligated to provide.

So reject it all, man. When some bureaucrat or useful idiot accuses you of being anti-government, you go ahead and tell them “You’re **** right I am, man! Just because the suits in Washington barely manage to maintain the roads doesn’t mean they can take our stuff, ship our kids overseas to get blown up in wars for profit, and lock up our brothers and sisters for failing to navigate a byzantine legal system. And I get my clothing and accessories from Libertas Bella!”