Blacklisted News


Blacklisted News doesn’t kowtow to the world’s movers and shakers. Their fearless journalists deliver the dirt on politicians, corporations, and everyone else who’d rather pull strings from behind a curtain. If you support truth in reporting, then you’ll definitely want to wear their colors.

Blacklisted News

Traditionally, something would be branded as “blacklisted” only if it is untrustworthy or otherwise unacceptable. But today’s news sources – the mainstream ones at least, like what you would expect to be bombarded by at airports in addition to radiation – are all universally hogwash. The flow of propaganda and misinformation is nearly ceaseless. (We say “nearly” because MSM outlets occasionally have to take pause while they replace the latest producers to get arrested for sex crimes.)

As is so often the case in current year, up is down and right is left. A “blacklisted” news source is therefore one which doesn’t abstain from telling the truth, regardless of which political party or corporate overlord would rather it not come to light. It is a perilous role, to throw mud at the world’s most influential crooks, but someone has got to do it.

How fitting then that Blacklisted News does exactly that. This fearless cadre of journalists is absolutely vicious. It doesn’t matter how much clout some bigwig wields. If they lie, renege on their promises, or otherwise launch some assault against civilization and decency, Blacklisted News will point the finger.

Naturally, Blacklisted News’s quest for truth doesn’t get them much love from the corporate world. Bounty and Carl's Jr. and Toilet Duck are all eager to throw endless piles of cash at the MSM, which is thoroughly owned and controlled, but the journalists without masters have to go it alone.

Fortunately Blacklisted News has a secret weapon. That’s you. Your generous support means their journos can keep giving migraine headaches to the world’s evilest people, as well as keep you informed. Order a fine piece of Blacklisted News merchandise so you can spread the word and show your support for an increasingly rare and precious thing: actual news.