Convex Finance


Do you love Convex Finance, the DeFi protocol built around Who could blame you – the simple and intuitive platform is hands-down the best way to amplify your Curve stacking. Now’s your chance to show off your big smarts and your big wallet with official Convex Finance merchandise!

Convex Finance

CRV: the Ethereum token that makes the magic of all possible. You’re not trading stablecoins because you like looking at jagged little charts on your computer all day. You’re doing it because you have to pay the bills, and hope to one day pay even higher bills than you’re already obligated to. That’s why you do the smart thing and put your money to work.

Enter Convex Finance, which lets CRV token holders and liquidity providers accrue interest and trading fees with virtually zero effort. This isn’t just staking CRV. This is staking CRV on multi-vitamins. (We refuse to use a street drug analogy because we don’t condone that kind of behavior.)

Maybe you’re using Convex to stake your CRV for cvxCRV. Maybe you’re using the intuitive DeFi platform to stake and boost your Curve LP tokens as well. But whatever you’re up to, you’re probably exceptionally proud of yourself and your choice of crypto solutions, which is why you deserve to flaunt your acumen in public with the aid of official Convex Finance merchandise.

Listen. We’re not saying that wearing a Convex T-shirt in public is going to make everyone around you point and say “Holy frijoles, that man/woman must be richer than Croesus!” Most of them probably haven’t heard of Croesus, or even Convex for that matter, because your average Joe thinks a sound investment strategy is buying two cans of beef ravioli for the price of one. But you’re going to know it, and if you cross paths with any fellow crypto masters they’re going to give you a knowing, approving look before you both speed off in your luxury sportscars.  We don’t cater to the canned beef ravioli crowd. We cater to winners. Winners who want official Convex Finance merchandise!