When a cartoonist attempts to be ‘fair and balanced’ and ‘understand all sides,’ they have failed. Too many avoid that altogether and instead become comedians. They take any topic and cast about and ask themselves: ‘What’s funny in this?’ I despise that attitude. Sure, satirical humor is an important element, but not the only element. A good cartoonist need not be funny to be effective. – Ben Garrison

GrrrGraphics Collection

Maybe you were introduced to Ben Garrison’s work while browsing a certain Mongolian basket weaving forum. You had a sensible chuckle and spammed the word “DESU” a few hundred times to show your approval. 

Or maybe you first encountered Ben’s work while reading a Fake News Media article about unspeakably evil examples of free speech. You then decided to do something incredibly dangerous to our democracy – form your own opinion on the matter – and visited the GrrrGraphics website. There you saw colorful illustrations condemning the Deep State and its marauder kings, and understood precisely why someone like Rachel Maddow would get their panties in a bunch over Ben.

Who is Ben Garrison? An independent and entirely self-funded political cartoonist who produces things the establishment hates and the American people love. He has built a career on lampooning the Federal Reserve, social justice warriors, the Clinton crime syndicate, vaccine tyranny, and the senile corpse currently stinking up the upholstery in the Oval Office, to name just a few of his targets. 

And Ben’s just getting started. Whenever a new threat to common decency rears its unsightly head, Ben will be there to pen an editorial cartoon that puts it into perspective – the correct perspective that rational, free-thinking people agree with.

Do your part to support GrrrGraphics. Spam Ben’s cartoons on whichever social media platforms you decide to grace with your presence. Write to your local newspaper and demand that they start printing Ben’s cartoons on the same page normally reserved for Garfield and Sally Forth. Get a tattoo of Hunter Biden snorting a White House made out of crystal meth. But most importantly, order yourself some fine GrrrGraphics merchandise from Libertas Bella. The money will go straight toward the production of new thought-provoking editorial cartoons, and we suspect cigars and ammunition as well.