Phone Cases


A new cell phone today costs more than a brand new car did 100 years ago. Don’t become poorer to the tune of a thousand bucks just because your phone slipped out of your hand while you were looking up sweet memes. Order a stylish and protective phone case from us and you will finally be able to say “I HAVE PHONE CASE” like some kind of caveman.

You’re enjoying a big plate of bacon and eggs one morning when all of a sudden your wife starts going into labor. In between her screams of agony she asks you to get the directions to the nearest hospital. This is not a problem, because you can always reheat your breakfast and getting directions is easy with the aid of your cellular phone.

Suddenly you get a phone call. Oh no! It’s the boss. He’s going into an important meeting with the big client in a couple minutes and needs you to email his presentation. Again, not a big deal – you worked on that presentation for weeks and just have to email it.

But before you can get to that, you receive a text from your aging mother. She fell off her roof while trying to retrieve a frisbee and pulverized her hip bone into like 12 thousand pieces. She needs you to send for an ambulance right away, and also wants to know what you’re bringing to your sister’s birthday party next week. But with your cell phone you can handle this.

Your phone goes “ping!” It’s a notification. The limited edition Shrek 2 fast food kids meal toy you want from eBay just got a new high bid, and you have only five seconds to outbid it.

You waggle your thumb in preparation to place the winning bid, but the bacon grease slathered across your hands has made them slippery. The cries of your newborn son pierce the air as your phone pops out of your hand like a bar of soap, arching across the room until it shatters against the wall like it is made out of the same material as your mother’s pelvis.

Now your wife is sour, your boss is angry, your mom is getting picked apart by vultures, and your Shrek 2 toy is going to some jerk in Peoria. All because you didn’t have the forethought to buy a phone case.

Don’t let this happen to you. Order a stylish and protective phone case from Libertas Bella today!