The Daily Bell Collection


The mainstream media is cartoonishly evil nowadays – a torrent of lies, lazily told to safeguard the interests of the ruling elite and their corporate cronies. But one news organization stands between its readers and the darkness of propaganda: The Daily Bell.

The Daily Bell Collection

The Daily Bell caters to three kinds of readers – or, more usually, one kind of reader who wears three hats simultaneously.

The revolutionary demands to know what their enemy is actually up to. They cannot satisfy their curiosity with their enemy’s own reports on its actions, for they know their enemy will do anything in its power to keep its motives and tactics foggy.

The entrepreneur demands to know how the elites shape and control the economic and geopolitical landscapes – not because they share the same malicious intent, but because they want to know which methods for domination are most effective.

The intellectual cherishes truth for its own sake. They cannot content themself with the flickering shadows cast against the cave wall, however comforting such deceptions might be. An intellectual would rather be informed regardless of the heartache that entails.

Quite frankly, anyone who consumes a steady supply of news reporting is destined for frequent bouts of despair. The NPR and CNN and NBC myrmidons are just as angry about the current state of affairs as you are. Isn’t it remarkable? The same kinds of people who used to occupy Wall Street and protest going war are now desperate to forfeit full control of their lives to Fortune 500 companies and lob stinger missiles at whichever foreign powers aren’t playing according to their party’s rules.

The only difference between you and them is that they are wrong. They have mistaken pure, uncut propaganda for facts, and they have a seething hatred for anyone who would trust a news article that couldn’t be accompanied by an advertisement for supplemental insurance or designer underpants.

Hopefully they will come around one day. The Daily Bell will be waiting for them as soon as they’ve wriggled their shoulders through the mouth of the cave.