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Investing was so simple back in the day. It used to be you would just stake your family fortune on a schooner and hope its crew didn’t become crab food at the bottom of the Indian Ocean or pay a stablehand to tell you if any racehorses have recently been looking faster than usual.
Then came electricity, which most historians agree had some impact on the way people invest. And then along came Abracadabra.Money – the modern pinnacle of investment, because it generates Magic Internet Money which can be swapped for any other traditional stablecoin.
Here’s a fun hypothetical for you. You power walk down to the local bank, slap a fat stack of fiat down on the first available teller’s counter, and tell them you want Magic Internet Money. The teller, just barely managing to comprehend your words, informs you that their bank doesn’t have any Magic Internet Money. At this point, the teller offers you a pick from the giant jar of tiny lollipops in the hope that you will leave.
Do you know why the hypothetical bank didn’t have Magic Internet Money? Because it’s not cool. But Abracadabra is, and you will be too once you’ve ordered this piece of fine, official merchandise. Your money will go directly to the Abracadabra team, who will use it to make trading SPELL, sSPELL, and MIM an even better experience, and probably also to buy groceries.