Liquidator Dragon Sticker

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Hark! This is the story of a mighty Spellcaster who extended the utility of his interest-bearing tokens using the mythical power of Abracadabra.Money. Our hero’s journey was not an easy one. First, he had to wrestle the WiFi Code of Truth from the evil nose-ringed Starbucks barista. Then he had to find the Enchanted Working Power Outlet. And his journey had only just begun!
It was in the Mire of Fiat where our brave and noble and handsome hero (who you remind us of) encountered the dreaded Liquidator Dragon. The scaly brute inhaled a terrible breath and let forth a roiling stream of brimfire, which was probably symbolic of something. But ever the quick thinker, our hero uttered this incantation:
yvWETH, yvUSDC, yvYFI, xSUSHI, give me Magic Internet Money!
The dragon hated this incantation and left our hero alone! Now that he had faced and bested the beast, our hero was free to accumulate massive hoards of SPELL and sSPELL and other stablecoins (not to mention multiple NFTs bearing the likenesses of disinterested primates).
And so our hero lived happily ever after, free to spend ungodly sums of money on luxury housing and exotic vacations and designer clothing. He didn’t even have to wait for Steam sales – he bought all of his video games for full price on release day. Holy moly!
If you have slain the Liquidator Dragon and now possess piles of sweet loot – or intend to use Abracadabra Finance until you can afford piles of sweet loot – then this official merch is for you!