The Anti Government Tote Bag

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Let us tell you how democracy works. They plaster on $2,000 suits and bleach-whitened grins, read focus group approved platitudes off a teleprompter, and run local TV ads showing them enjoying time in gazebos with their Hallmark greeting card perfect families. You pick the one who seems the least abhorrent and fill out the little bubble next to their name in a plastic booth. They then proceed to do whatever the hell it is they’ve been bought and paid to do, chiming in occasionally to praise the community they’re elected to serve and would gladly steamroll into a parking lot if their benefactors willed it. That’s how democracy works.
But you filled out the little bubble next to their name, and they’re grateful to you for that. Be sure to do the same thing again in two years.
In so simple an image, our Unbalanced Hoodie illustrates that the desires of a few politicians vastly outweighs those of the American people. Wear it to show that you haven’t been fooled by the endless torrent of empty promises. They only need you for all of about two seconds, and buddy, you don’t need them for even half that long.