Come and Take it


Come and Take It shirts summarize one of the world’s oldest and greatest political philosophies: A man only has a master once he has submitted to him. If you value your right to defend yourself and resist tyranny – and if you would fight for it, if the need arose – then we have your gear right here.

Come And Take It Apparel

What did Leonidas say to Xerxes when the despot ordered the Spartans to hand over their weapons? “Μολὼν λαβέ.” Come and take them. The Spartans backed up this refusal by fighting to their deaths at the Battle of Thermopylae. Xerxes would never gain a foothold in Greece.

What did the Texan settlers put on their battle flag when Domingo de Ugartechea demanded that they hand over their cannon? “Come and take it.” Their resistance sparked the Texas Revolution and the eventual creation of the Republic of Texas.

To this day, the only good answer to anyone who demands that you surrender your weapon remains the same: “Come and take it.” In just four words you say to the brutes, the tyrants, and their frothing sycophants that you do not recognize their authority. You will not submit. You are a free man, with a right to defend your life and liberty that cannot be rescinded or legislated away. Your right to bear arms comes from God.

Our Come and Take It T shirts pay tribute to what is unquestionably the most important sentiment for free men to share. It is modeled after the Gonzales flag flown by the Texan revolutionaries themselves, albeit with a more up to date AK-47 in place of a cannon, and the message is written in English and not Greek. It leaves little to wonder about where you stand on the whole “gun control” debate.

Be warned: We’ve tested these shirts out in public, and they have exactly the effect you might imagine. Anyone whose hair is dyed the color of sour candy will cast a disapproving look in your direction when they see you wearing the Come and Take It shirt. Liberal arts professors will ball up their fists. But neither of them muster the courage to say or do anything about it.