The First Responder


“You are your own first responder.” This maxim encapsulates the spirit of self-reliance that is so foundational to the libertarian philosophy. The government has no duty to protect you, but you have every right to defend yourself and your own.

The First Responder Collection

Here is a hypothetical for you: Suppose you own a fire extinguisher. It’s not an altogether unreasonable thing to suppose, we think you’ll agree, but more and more people are arguing that you shouldn’t be allowed to have a fire extinguisher because others are abusing theirs. “No one needs anything more than a bucket of water to put out a fire,” they say, “and real men don’t need fire extinguishers anyway.”

None of this would be quite so disconcerting if those same people weren’t also against the existence fire departments.

Now, we’re aware that firearms and fire extinguishers aren’t exactly analogous. The Constitution doesn’t acknowledge your right to own a fire extinguisher, for starters. But we believe this hypothetical illustrates one of the greatest issues facing the free American in the early 21st century.

And the police, for all the good they do, just can’t do enough when it comes to home defense. It takes an average of ten minutes for the police to respond to a 911 call. In that amount of time a home invader could commit so many atrocities that not even Thomas Harris could describe them all in one book.

So here’s what we’re getting at: You are your own first responder. You understand that the duty of protecting yourself and your own falls squarely on your two shoulders, so you take every precaution available. This includes owning an immeasurably useful machine chambered for something that begins with a number like 9, 12, 40, 44, 223 or 357.

Don’t let the extremely vocal enemies of self-reliance take yours away from you. Declare your support for your God-given rights, remain prepared to deal with the worst, and proudly display our “First Responder” message on any one of these fine accessories or articles of clothing.