Transport yourself back to a time when you were but a child whose greatest joy was derived from the simple pleasure of peeling off a new Spiderman sticker and placing it haphazardly onto any surface that was within reach. You can capture that joy once again - this time with your grown-up superheroes such as Friedrich Hayek or Teddy Roosevelt.

High Quality Stickers

Stickers, for the most part, are a nuisance. Take the fruit sticker for starters. Why is it we can’t eat an apple these days without inadvertently chomping through a little sticker displaying Beloved Corporate Licensed Character No. 523-A © ® ™? There must be at least half a dozen partial cartoon mouse heads lodged between our esophagus and duodenum by this point. We’re rapidly approaching an age when every grain of white rice will have a minuscule sticker grafted to it.

Bumper stickers are nearly as irksome. Ever notice how it’s always the people who are totally out to lunch on either side of the political spectrum who like to shellac their bumpers with sticker messages? On one end you’ve got the hippy-dippy woo woos with stickers that say things like “Animals don’t hug their children with nuclear arms,” “My other car is my third eye,” and “Nader LaDuke 2000.” On the other you’ve got good old boys with stickers to the tune of “Nuke the whales,” and “Rhode Island terrorist hunting permit,” plus an average of eighteen variations of the Browning logo.

Finally you've got those irremovable stickers that retailers put on their products. We shouldn’t have to submerge our new wine glasses in nail polish remover for a week just because we want to drink merlot out of a residue-free drinking vessel, you dingbats!


But in a world full of annoying stickers, there is one type of sticker that is undeniably good. We are of course referring to official Libertas Bella stickers. These are loving designed by us, with jaw-droppingly attractive graphics and high quality adhesives that will mount them to any surface within reason. When you affix a Libertas Bella sticker to your car bumper, skateboard, or Zamboni, you’re announcing to the world that you are one cool cat who’s hip with the times. Buy a hundred to cut up into ribbons and never need tape again! Did you know that you should buy Libertas Bella stickers?