Women's Hoodies


Ladies, is there any singular piece of clothing that can make you feel as attractive as a well-made hoodie? We can't think of any! That is why you should simply throw out your dresses, heels, boots, or whatever else is taking up space in your closet and replace them with the fantastic hoodies that can only be found at Libertas Bella!

Women's Hoodies

If you look closely at any painting of the Coronation of Queen Victoria, you’ll see that Old Vicky has the Libertas Bella Hunter S. Thompson women’s hoodie tied around her waist in case it got chilly inside Westminster Abbey that day. While Marie Curie was undertaking her pioneering work in the field of radioactivity that would win her the Nobel Prize, do you really think the radioactivity alone was enough to keep her warm? Of course not! She’d slip on her Libertas Bella Dr. Friedman women’s hoodie whenever she felt a draft in the lab. Finally, we have it on good authority that Jane Austen owned every single women’s hoodie that we ever put out. She wore the Libertas Bella Orwell hoodie the entire time she penned Pride and Prejudice.

Just take our word for it.

Point is, a woman simply isn’t properly dressed until she has one or more Libertas Bella hoodies. How else is she going to comfortably and elegantly proclaim her support for the Second Amendment, or her alignment with the philosophy of Ayn Rand? You’re not going to find a Theodore Roosevelt hoodie on the rack at the Dress Barn, and that’s not just because that store doesn’t have physical locations anymore.

Ladies, take a look at our fashionable hoodies and you’re certain to find the basis for several new hot styles. And fellas! It doesn’t matter what your special lady’s tastes happen to be. The sheer thoughtfulness of ordering her a hoodie with a depiction of an ammo can on it is going to score you big, big points. And why stopped with your special gal? Get your mom the Equalizer hoodie for her birthday and you’ll shoot up to top of her list of favorite children like a bottle rocket. That is a promise.